Endorse the Ballot Initiatives

The Healthy Food For Denver Kids ballot initiative has been endorsed by the following people and organizations! (Add your name below)

Organizations & Businesses:  Individuals: Individuals (continued):
American Heart Association
Colo Council of Churches
LiveWell Colorado
Denver Democrats
Healthier Colorado
Colorado Latino Forum
Chef Ann Foundation
Metro Caring
Denver Rescue Mission
Denver Urban Gardens
Slow Food Denver
Grow Haus
Denver Food Rescue
The Gathering Place
Catholic Network
Sprout City Farms
Any Street Grocery
We Don’t Waste
Fruition Restaurant
The River Yoga
Teatulia Organic Teas
the mama ‘hood
Westwood Food Co-Op
Colorado Bookkeeping
The H.O.N.E.Y. Project
The Empowered Kitchen
Interfaith Power and Light
Food For Thought Denver
Plant The Seed Project
Wonder Escapades
CW Debbie Ortega
Linda Appel Lipsius
Kris Stoever
Alex Seidel
Danielle Barbeau Cook
Blake Angelo
Turner Wyatt
Katherine Ettman
Anne Misak
Heather Stone
Wendy Moschetti
Christina Bowen
Meg Caley
Laura Rubin
Sandra H. Douglas
Madeline Keating
Julia Lamphear
Christopher Riti
Blake Enyart
Brien Darby
Craig Broek
Christine Alford
Andrew Vermouth
Christi Turner
Marie Venner
Meighen Lovelace
Colleen Daszkiewicz
Heather Olin
Mike Spade
Allie Hoffman
Charles Ferrer
Bree Davies
Ean Tafoya
Adrian Miller
Dana Miller
Andra Zeppelin
Rev. Bradley Laurvick
Gabriel Guillaume
Reuben Gregory
Eric Kornacki
Enna Kladstrup
Jody Norman
Michael Miera
Ashleigh Ruehrdanz
Ron Russell
Steven Lockhart
Leah Alison Mann
Grace Eggleston
Assad Jarrahian
Dante Barragan
Kristin Lacy
Rebecca Dubroff
Emily Thomas
Patricia Iwasaki
Carol Maclennan
Lexi Fickenscher
Analiese Hock
Katrina Brink
McKenna Pullen
Josh McKee
Jeane Larkins
Lindsey Feitz
Roxana Vidal
Danielle Staunton
Chris Sterling
Sonya Hansen